Amel and Pierre,
Daniel and I would like to express our gratitude for the successful sale of the property we entrusted to you. You have shown a great professionalism in this sale, we will not fail to recommend you in our entourage.
In record time you have achieved a double sale, this is a feat worthy of you!
We would like to emphasize that your success is well deserved because you are exceptional, we salute once again your efficiency and speed. Your seriousness, your involvement, your availability force our admiration, you are simply remarkable!

Karima et Daniel

Extraordinary Duo!

First of all I would like to thank you for your support in the acquisition of my plex. Pierre and Amel are an extremely efficient team, they are very experienced and always available, which is very important in a dynamic market. I am very grateful for your patience especially since we visited more than 60 properties together to finally find what we were looking for. Pierre has a lot of knowledge, and gives invaluable advice that makes it easy to make a decision with confidence. Pierre and Amel have many good contacts (mortgage brokers, contractors, inspectors, notaries…etc) which is ideal for a first time buyer, and one less stress to deal with. Pierre is an excellent negotiator, he managed to negotiate a lower price than I was willing to pay. Whether it is to sell or buy a property, I will not hesitate to contact you.

Thanks again for your help.

Walid Salim

Satisfait à 110%

Dear Amel and Pierre,
I entered your office a year ago as a potential client and I left your company with the house of my dreams. In this sense, I would like to thank you for the fantastic patience and the particular adaptability to the hesitations and whims that I showed during this period.
We also thank you for taking care of all the necessary steps for the purchase of our house. Thank you for your optimistic spirit that encouraged us in the moments when we were disappointed and exhausted by so many searches with no results and you kept telling us “don’t worry, we will find your dream house.” And last but not least Thank you for your professionalism.
Hats off to the Lo Vasco team.

Hellenio et Camelia

Hats off to the Lo Vasco team

Hello Amel and Pierre,

Unfortunately, circumstances prevented us from expressing in person all the gratitude we have towards you!

You knew how to find the house that perfectly meets our needs in such a short time! ? Here we are after only 3 days and we felt at home from the very first moment.

Be assured that we will keep you preciously in our network and that we will refer you without hesitation when our entourage is looking for a house. ?

Thank you again and take care of yourself!

See you,

Pat et Ian

Thank you

Hello Amel & Pierre,

Just a word of appreciation to thank you for accompanying me during a trying year. I am very grateful for your support, and your impeccable and continuous professionalism. You welcomed me with open arms and won my mother’s heart. Thanks to you, your associates, your precious advice, I have found a product for the next stage of my life.

You are truly exceptional. It is a friendship that I intend to keep for a very long time.

Rose Charles Carmelle

Thank you

Just to say to you Pierre and Amel for your service! May God protect you and rank you!


Thank you

A big thank you Pierre and Amel for all your steps, your visits, your patience, it was long but it ended up being realized.


A big thank you for Amel and Pierre

Pierre is very generous with his time, always available even after the sale has been finalized. He gives good advice, from the first meeting with him you feel you can trust him. Very good negotiator. I’m happy to have had him as an agent.

Natacha Chancy

Outstanding real estate broker

Joseph-Pierre and Amel are a great team… professional, attentive and available… they are the brokers you need.

Karine Picard

A great team

NUMBER 1!!! Experienced and thinks in the best interest of his clients first. A generous man of his time, family-oriented and most importantly with a big heart. THANK YOU for being there for us xxx

Melanie Picard

Number 1

Pierre is an excellent negotiator. He is very available. He is honest and honest and has the interest of his clients at heart.

Emmanuelle Parent

Excellent negotiator

Thank you Joseph for selling my house and helping me buy another one in such a short time… Your help is very much appreciated, you are a golden realtor, very dedicated to your work and brotherly, respectful and professional.

Leila Boudina

Thank you Joseph